Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. We get hundreds of questions every week and we compiled the best ones here. We have divided them into categories based on history and services.


What is Folsom Creative?

Folsom Creative is a design firm based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We specialize in design and development services for companies small and large, all around the globe.

When Was Folsom Creative Founded?

We founded our company in early 2013. A small group of freelance web developers and designers make up most of the company and we each have about 10 or more years of industry experience.

Does Folsom Creative Work With Small Businesses

While our branding and design may indicate we only work with large businesses, that is simply not true. We work with companies of all sizes. In fact we pride ourselves in working with small companies and start-ups.

What Is Colorado Like?

Colorado is both a great place to live and have a business in. We get to enjoy the Rocky Mountains, great views, and tons of sunshine. As a business, the start-up and technology market is booming, making Colorado a great place to call home.

How Many People Work For Folsom Creative?

Currently we are a highly skilled 4 person team. We are all involved in every project and we pay a great deal of attention to quality.


What Is Branding & Logo Design?

Branding & Logo Design are used to set the graphic and contextual tone for a company. It is our goal to create a strong brand from the ground up and then use design to communicate the brand.

What Is Web Design?

Web design is the practice of creating a visual but not interactive website composition. In some cases minor interactivity is built into a design but it is rare. Once a design is complete a developer then makes an interactive functional website. Simply put a designer is like an architect.

What is Web Development?

Web Development is the method of creating a program. In this case a website. The developer adds functionality to a website both as interactive design and back-end functionality.

What Is Maintenance & Support?

Maintenance and Support is what we offer as ongoing website construction. Often times websites need patched, fixed, and content added in order to stay up to date. Maintenance includes updates, server setup, and troubleshooting.

What About Marketing?

All of our sites include the tools you need to do SEO and Marketing. On a case by case basis we do marketing consulting. Marketing Consulting is better that traditional web marketing services because it allows an industry expert (you) to manage well thought out ad campaigns. This is the most powerful way to market online.