WordPress is the Most Used CMS Platform for a Reason.

WoredPress TrademarkWordPress powers about 19% of all websites and powers the largest proportion of sites. With WordPress powering so many sites, it’s no wonder that the web design and development community has taken a great stake in building upon the platform.

We prefer using the WordPress CMS platform for several reasons.

  1. Secure – (WordPress when kept up to date is an incredibly secure platform)
  2. Expandability – (WordPress is made better by creating custom functionality through theming and plugins)
  3. Owner maintainability and usability. (WordPress is incredibly easy for the end user to use)

Every WordPress site we develop is build with usability in mind. We make it easy to edit nearly every aspect of your site using unique interface design. Don’t get fooled by cut throat pricing, you are usually paying for somthing that is hard to use and maintain.

Our Web Design Process

What is WordPress and How Does It Relate To My Design?

WordPress is the most popular content management platform (CMS). We create most of our sites on WordPress. The design is called a “template” and it is what controls the sites style, page layouts, and minor functionality. “Plugins” are also common in WordPress. Plugins are used to add functionality to a site in a modular format. The goal is to modularize content, design, and functionality. This method allows easier site upgrades in the future, and make the site easier to maintain. View our FAQ section for a full list of answers you may have about using WordPress.

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