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web-devWeb development has came a long way since the early 90’s and its come even further in the past 5 years. The only problem is good web development is hard to find. Often times you end up resorting to pre built templates or site builders. Doing so may be budget friendly but in the long run you will loose potential business and profits.

Our web development experts will help your business go from design to an interactive website. Likewise our development team understands that your usability must be kept simple as possible. That’s why w develop with the latest tools and trends, ensuring your site is easy to use and maintain. Why is our development team the best?

  1. We do all the difficult work that makes your job easier. (No one should have to edit code, just to publish a blog post.)
  2. Our Team constantly keeps up to date on best security and development standards. (Don’t leave your site at risk due to shoddy development practices. Let our experts lock the door.)
  3. Quality Control. (Simply put, we test our product and fix any issues. You would be surprised how many developers don’t test their own code.)

Everything process our development team follows is done for one reason. We want to make sure your site is always up, always ready to use, and always making you money. Don’t loose conversions because of ill development practices!

Our Web Development Process

What is WordPress and What Does It Have To Do With Web Development?

WordPress is the most popular content management platform (CMS). We develop most of our sites on WordPress. We take your design and develop a “template”. This is what controls the sites style, page layouts, and minor functionality. “Plugins” are also common in WordPress. Plugins are used to add functionality to a site in a modular format. The goal is to modularize content, design, and functionality. Regardless of which component we are building for you, web development play a role in each. View our FAQ section for a full list of answers you may have about using WordPress.

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