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supportWebsites are always under attack. Maybe, not your site specifically but the platform your site is on, the server your site is hosted on, or even the DNS manager your site uses. You need an expert on your side, making updates to plugins and platforms, fixing bugs, and updating content. You need Folsom Creative.

Our support team is here to help in a disaster with recovery, backup, and code fixes. We even do ongoing maintenance to regularly update plugins and add content. Why do you need maintenance and support?

  1. Updates (We build a lot of our sites on WordPress. Often times there are platform and plugin updates that patch security holes, and add new functionality.)
  2. Security (There is always someone looking for a new way to break a site. Security updates fix known back doors and holes.)
  3. Content (We make it super simple to add content with every site we build. Sometimes it’s nice to leave it to the experts. In that case, we’ve got your back.)

Every site gets to a point, where it needs an expert to step in. Why not let us be your expert? We work on both sites we developed and sites other firms have developed as well. Our ongoing maintenance and support is designed to help you keep your site at top speed, day or night.

What is WordPress and Why Does It Always Need To Be Updated?

WordPress is the most popular content management platform (CMS). We develop most of our sites on WordPress. We take your design and develop a “template”. This is what controls the sites style, page layouts, and minor functionality. “Plugins” are also common in WordPress. Plugins are used to add functionality to a site in a modular format. The goal is to modularize content, design, and functionality. Since WordPress is so popular and since it is so modular it requires frequent updating. Updates add functionality, provide fixes, and update security features. Updating is crucial to prolonged site performance and stability. View our FAQ section for a full list of answers you may have about using WordPress.

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