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5 Website Mistakes & Tips On How to Fix Them

Your website has the potential to work on your behalf 24/7. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses don’t take advantage of this…

Fort Collins Needs Good Design

Small Business Needs Good Design

Small businesses in Fort Collins (or anywhere for that matter), need good design not only on the web but all around. Take…

Code Rescue Helicopter

Fort Collins Needs – Code Rescue

Fort Collins is a birthplace of business. In fact we ranked in the top 20 cities for tech. With that said, there…

ReIgnite your business with Folsom Creative

ReIgnite Your Company in 2014

It’s that time of year again, where everyone gets back from their holiday vacations and starts planning for their 2014 business strategies.…

Fort Collins Colorado

Fort Collins is an Epicenter for Great Design

The word “Startup” seems to be the buzzword we have all heard over the past few years. While startups are nothing new,…

thought leadership

How Thought Leadership Can Boost Your Brand

Thought leadership is not a new concept. Thought leadership is simply using the knowledge you have for your industry and using it…

Despicable Me Minion

Designing For Your Clients & Not For Yourself

There comes a time in every business owners life when they decide to create a new website, or to improve the site…

Guitar Head

Company Branding as a Story

There are a lot of companies trying to make it in the craft world who end up failing for various reasons. One…

5 reasons you need a wordpress theme

5 Reasons Why You Need a Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress is now powering a dominant portion of the internet. With that being true, it is now the most recommended platform on…

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Powering Your Design With WordPress

So you just decided on a design that will help your brand look professional and is on target with your message and story. Next, you just code it out and you’re done, right?