Using WooCommerce to Power Your Brand

Oct 13, 2014

With so many ecommerce platforms in existence, it’s pretty hard to find the one that suits your needs, is scalable, and that fits into your current marketing strategy. I’ll cut to the chase and say that WooCommerce is by far one of the most versatile ecommerce cart platforms that we have worked with. WooCommerce offers store owners a cornucopia of resources such as robust functionality, frequent updates, tons of extensions, and a large developer community. One of the main reasons we enjoy WooCommerce is because it is a plugin for WordPress. This means we can create site with both great marketing capability but even greater ecommerce capability. If you have ever managed a cart, a website, and a blog via separate platforms you know how hard it can be to manage and each platform and how impossible it can be to have a consistent brand image. Lets take a look at some of the great benefits that WooCommerce can off your brand.

All Your Marketing in One Place

One of the greatest things about WooCommerce is that it integrates with WordPress seamlessly. This means that your main website with all your marketing collateral, your blog with all of your weekly content marketing, and your ecommerce site is all in one place. Having these resources under one roof makes it easier to track how visitors are navigating your site and what barriers they  may be coming up against. Understanding these metrics can help you fine tune your on site conversion funnel and your ultimate ROI.

Since everything is under one platform, that means you only need one login. Simply log in to your WordPress dashboard, add a new post, fine tune that new landing page, and add a new product without ever needing to log in again.

Unlimited Possibilities

There are over 300 official WooCommerce Extensions that can help your brand sell complex products, keep up with your customers interests, manage your store more effectively, and collect those precious dollars. Most extension are premium licenses (you pay for the extensions you need). This means you only pay for the functionality you need, and you get premium support for those plugins (including updates).

Developer Friendly

WooCommerce is super friendly to developers like us. Not only are the templates that power WooCommerce customizable, they also integrate right into the same container that the rest of WordPress uses. This means that we can ensure the cart looks perfectly integrated. This also means we can manipulate the layout, giving us tons of design freedom. With the latest release of WooCommerce, we also got a robust API. This API will allow us to create custom apps that can talk to your store directly. If you’re in need of a KPI dashboard with an integration from Google Analytics, WooCommerce, your sales CRM, and your Accounting Software; we can make it.

Outside of the box

WooCommerce takes ecommerce outside of the box with a couple extensions. Firs is WooCommerce Subscriptions. With this plugin, you will be able to charge customers recurring fees for content on your site. This opens up the possibilities for brands who distribute content or services rather that shippable or downloadable products. The second is WooCommerce bookings. This plugins allows you to sell your time more easily. This could help you manage fitness classes at a yoga studio, appointments at a cleaning service, or music lessons at your studio. In the future the two plugins will support each other, making for an awesome combination of recurring bookings.


WooCommerce is an absolutely must have ecommerce plugin for your WordPress powered site by bringing ecommerce, marketing, and content under a single roof.


Do you have any questions about WooCommerce, want a demo, or just want to talk about why we are so awesome? Give us a call – 888-944-4646 or drop us a line –

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